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Working From Home

During the current epidemic we have more people working from home than ever before. There are some considerations to make if you have made the switch from working in an office environment to a home one from a Physiotherapy point of view.

Many people are likely using laptops or family computers without a previously designated office space. Here are our top tips for setting up a work station at home:

1) If you have one, try and use a computer chair. It’s much easier to adjust and adapt it to a more comfortable position than a dining chair or sofa. Invest in spending some time in learning how to adjust the height and tilt to make it more comfortable. You should aim to have a straight back, supported by the chair and relaxed shoulders.
2) If possible, use a desktop computer rather than a laptop, again as more components are easier to adjust and manoeuvre into a comfortable position.
3) Ensure the text on your screen is big enough to easily read without leaning forwards and/or squinting.
4) Keep your workspace clear of clutter
5) Remember to take regular breaks to get up and move around away from the screen.

If you are finding you are in discomfort or pain while working, you can ask someone to take a photo of you side on sitting at your workstation and send it in for one of our physiotherapists to advise on over the phone during one of our newly available telephone or Skype appointments.

Rebekah Knight Physiotherapist at Agile TherapyWritten by Rebekah Knight, Physiotherapist.
Rebekah graduated from Cardiff University with a BSc Physiotherapy in 2013.

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