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Initial Consultation

Assessment and treatment plan

What is an Initial Consultation?

Any new issue or injury requires an initial consultation to allow enough time to assess and understand your current health status and often will include an element of hands-on therapy and treatment within the session.

The appointment is specific to the ‘presentation’ (clinical name for the issue or challenge you are seeking help for!) and subsequent treatment sessions will continue the treatment path identified in the initial consultation

How to book

Choose a time that works for you to visit one of our expert clinical team for an initial consultation

What to Expect at Your Appointment

Your initial appointment is for one hour which allows time for a comprehensive assessment and treatment. 

When you see the clinician, they will initially ask you a variety of questions regarding:

  • Your symptoms, lifestyle, health, and work
  • When and how the problem started
  • What makes it better or worse
  • What it prevents you doing and how that impacts on your life
  • Your expectations and goals for treatment

The clinician will then examine you. This may not be confined to the area of pain or injury but may include other areas that are causing or contributing to the problem. For instance the neck can cause pain in the hand. The clinician will explain what they are doing and ask you how it feels as they perform different tests.

Rest assured that our clinicians are not here to make your problem more painful! Our examination will take into consideration your level of pain and the techniques and tests used will be adjusted accordingly.

Understanding Your Assessment

At the end of your initial consultation we will discuss our diagnosis and your treatment plan drawing on the most appropriate modality for your unique situation. 

We may then begin the treatment plan which may include hands-on treatment for pain relief, increasing movement or relaxing muscles, providing rehabilitation aids and exercises.

Finally, if the problem is not appropriate for treatment there and then, or if further investigations are necessary we will advise you accordingly and refer you on as appropriate.

Free Digital Assessment

Get started by taking our free online assessment and book an initial consultation with one of our expert clinicians today.

How to prepare

After you book your initial consultation we will send you a confirmation e-mail with the details. 

So we can examine you effectively and allow the most comprehensive and accurate assessment, it is important to wear loose, comfortable clothes that make it easier for the therapist to examine the affected area. 

Also bring with you any details of relevant operations or medical notes, investigation results or medication.