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Agile Assess

Full 360° Physical Health Assessment, report and action plan.

Measurably improve your health and wellbeing by starting with a clear evaluation of your current baseline.

  • An in depth 1:1 clinical health assessment – 2 hour session
  • Goal setting and mindset evaluation
  • Comprehensive analysis of movement, flexibility & strength
  • Blood and urine analysis
  • Understanding key health markers for optimal wellbeing
  • An individualised action plan & recommendations
  • On the day results with a 360°Health Report
  • 3x annual “check and challenge” health reviews sessions

Achieve your health goals and be the best “YOU”

Agile Assess is a 2 hour ‘deep dive’ into your current health status. Using state-of-the-art physiology, movement and activity tests followed by analysis, review and recommendations.

We have developed a methodology based on researched and verified tests to analyse your current health status.

Agile Assess is the starting point for anyone wanting to gain a deeper and holistic understanding of their health. An ongoing personalised plan that is easy to follow means you will be expertly guided to a healthier, happier and more agile you!

Agile Assess will quickly identify where your health is right now, where you want to get to AND create a personalised ongoing action plan to achieve your goals.

What to expect

Your 1-2-1 Agile Assess session will be conducted by a highly trained healthcare professional and member of the Agile Assess team. The session is split into 3 key sections to create a 360°understanding of your current health:

Inside your body

We assess your normal hydration levels, body fat distribution, blood pressure and test for your blood glucose levels, blood triglycerides (known as your blood fats) and your cholesterols.

Movement and activity

Understand what your flexibility, strength, muscular tolerance and mobility status is and what they mean to your overall health. Plus challenge your body’s ability to raise it’s heart rate and return to normal with our exercise tolerance tests.

Analysis + action plan

Get your results on the day of your assessment! We present an overview of your current health status straight after being tested, evaluating each section of your Agile Assess to collate the results into manageable insights to give you a clear understanding of what everything means along with creating a personalised, tangible and achievable plan.  

Physiological tests

The following tests will be carried out on the day of your assessment:

Body mass index (BMI)

Used to calculate an individual’s body composition from measures of height and weight. It gives a general indication of whether an individual’s weight is healthy for their height. Although BMI can be a controversial test it is a guide and when that combined with other results can assist with assessing an individual’s health risk.

Body fat composition

Skinfold measurement is a technique used to determine body fat composition through the use of skinfold callipers around different standardised anatomical sites on the body. Readings across the different sites are measured in millimetres and then entered into an equation which then determines the individual’s body fat percentage (%).

Waist circumference & waist-to-hip ratio

Analysis of where body fat is stored is integral to understanding overall health and can indicate risk of health problems such as heart disease or type II diabetes. These measurements also provide a good indicator of visceral fat (fat surrounding your organs).

Liver & kidney function

Liver and kidney function will be established through testing an individual’s sample of urine. Analysis strips will be used to analyse protein, glucose and erythrocyte presence to identify any indicators of related health conditions.

Blood parameters

Following a fasting period, a blood sample (just a simple pin prick) will be taken to analyse both blood lipid (to check the level of cholesterol) and blood glucose (to check levels of sugar) in your blood.

Lung function

Lung function will be assessed using a spirometer to understand how well your lungs work inhaling and exhaling. The computerised analysis of your breathing will be completed to establish their percentage lung function and identify capacity.

Blood pressure

Blood pressure is measured following a period of rest with the use of manual/automated blood pressure cuff. A trained physiologist will attach the cuff to the upper section of the client’s arm before it is inflated and then slowly deflated to give values of systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

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Measurably improve your health and wellbeing.

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