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“…the baseline testing helped me focus on the things that I could affect. My mobility and strength have improved immensely. Furthermore, I no longer have the back and leg pain that I have had for years.”

Cardiff based retired Medical Doctor – Mary B

Chiropractic services in Cardiff at Agile


Chiropractic is a primary healthcare profession that specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Following an initial consultation to understand your injury, they will use manual therapy techniques as part of an individualised care package to improve your health. Treatment may include manipulation, mobilisation, soft tissue work, exercise, stretches, advice, kinesiology taping or acupuncture to tackle various mechanical musculoskeletal conditions with the most common being low back and neck pain.

Sports Massage services in Cardiff at Agile

Sports Massage

Sports Massage can assist in both the rehabilitation and prevention of injury and it’s not just for athletes – anyone can benefit! The application of various hands-on techniques alleviate the stress and tension that accumulates in soft tissues and muscles to correct imbalances, aches and pains which generally arise from repetitive and strenuous activity including day-to-day activities that may be part of your job or regular routine. Used to release tension, improve posture and flexibility, or to prepare for and recover from an event.

Physiotherapy services in Cardiff at Agile


Agile provide the very best physiotherapy service in Cardiff. Our team of highly qualified and experienced therapists specialise in treating issues that affect functional mobility to restore movement and comfort. Following an initial consultation to understand your challenges, you will receive a personalised programme of care and rehabilitation that typically will include ‘hands on’ manual therapy techniques, mobilisations, exercises, advice, and other interventions such as bracing, strapping or acupuncture.

Clinical Pilates classes in Cardiff at Agile

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a form of modified Pilates taught by physiotherapists, and based on medical research into spinal movement and stabilisation. If you want to improve your core stability, flexibility and overall strength and reduce the risk of future injuries, then the addition of Clinical Pilates to your programme of care is recommended.

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